About the Festival

The festival will run from the 10th - 20th of October, 2013 where you can catch live painting across Roath. There will be a tour of the completed works starting from the Poets Corner on City Road on Sunday 20th at 3pm. 

Our aim is to bring colour, culture and vibrancy to the city of Cardiff by creating an outdoor gallery of public murals. In a city dominated by high street retail chains, we believe that the area of Roath can sing for the individuality of Cardiff.  

By combining 12 local and international artists through the global language of Street Art we aim to add to the cities cultural heritage and create an environment that reflects the vibrancy of it’s people and places. The streets form an essential platform for bringing local communities together. We wish to invite and support artists whose main aim is to communicate with everyday people and embrace the chance to reach out to a boarder audience by utilizing these public spaces.

·    Empty Walls public art project was formed to create a wider platform for emerging artists to create contemporary art in accessible public spaces across the area of Roath. The project is bound to the celebration of creativity and the democratisation of urban art, aiming to transform Roath into an open-air gallery where local and international artists will unite their talents in the most creative of manners.

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