Phlegm (sheffield)

Born in North Wales and now residing in Sheffield, UK, cartoonist and illustrator Phlegm is well known for his self-published comics and amazing graffiti/street art. Many of the larger-than-life characters that adorn the walls he spray paints originate from his comics. He has painted world-wide and is fast becoming one of the most recognised artists in the world of street art.

Run (Italy)

RUN is a London based Italian artist whose works can be seen adorning street corners from China to Senegal. His recognisable style shows a level of detail and complexity rarely seen in street art today, evidenced through his vivid rendering of interlocking hands and faces in bright, arresting colours. RUN is interested in street art as a language of communication, creating playful characters that speak to diverse audiences on multiple levels. The expansive scale of his works captivates the viewer, affecting a renaissance of muralism that reaches beyond the boundaries of street art.

Kera (Berlin)

Kera is a German graphic designer and street artist born and living in Berlin. Kera has been painting street art for over ten years and has developed his traditional graffiti style in to geometric forms and patterns.  Kera has collaborated with artists from all over the world and has just started up is own cafĂ©/gallery in Berlin’s creative hotspot Neukolln.

Best (Cardiff)

Peaceful Progress is a professional Graffiti Arts organisation based in Cardiff. Best creates murals of any scale in almost any environment. He can produce photo-realistic murals and is rooted within traditional graffiti writing. Best has a vibrant and distinct lettering style which is painted on surfaces across the globe.

3dom (Bristol)

3dom is an illustrator and artists from Bristol. He paints cartoons, mixed with semiology and surrealism, to create something for children as well as adults to dissect. His paintings are vibrant, provocative and deeply personal. 

Rmer (Cardiff)

Rmer aka Bradley Woods is an aerosol artist and graphic designer. Since he could first pick up a crayon Rmer has been creating and re inventing walls and canvas. During the mid 80’s, at the age of 11 Rmer caught sight of graffiti art culture and immediately knew this is where he would pursue his creativity.  By the dawn of the 90’s he was starting to use spray cans to produce his art and readily making a name for himself as one of Cardiff most skill full graffiti artists. 

Rmer’s skills are best seen in his characters, photo-realism and abstract work. Over the last decade Rmer has seen his work featured in many international publications and painted/exhibited throughout the UK, Holland, France, Ireland, the US and Australia.

Colour Doomed (UK)

Colour doomed is a Chichester born artist who paints character-based murals that complement a vibrant palate. His paintings often have a mysterious or underlying sentiment to human nature providing the viewer with questions about the society we inhabit.

Helen Smith (Cardiff)

Helen Smith is a Cardiff textiles and fashion designer who has a passion for knitting and crocheting sometimes delving into the world of yarn bombing. Helen will be using her fine and dedicated skills to create knitted interventions in public areas around Roath. Helen is also a member of the Cardiff Fashion Quarter and runs her own stall full of handmade treats called Nelly’s treasures.

Hb (UK)

Born in Chichester and now living and working in Cardiff, Hb creates both canvas and mural based painting. Her work explores themes surrounding the exclusively human search for a sense of purpose and validity and the subtle and strange tasks, rituals and undertakings we execute to try and fulfill those needs. Her themes often examine the playful, absurd and the curious. Her mural based work focuses on the building up of lines to map and create the contoured shapes within the human form. 

Jo¥ (Holland)

Jo Higgs was born in Haarlem, the Netherlands and studied Fine art at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. After completing her BA degree she got involved in many artist groups and projects and has had several exhibitions throughout the country until moving to the UK in 2008 where she continued working as an artist and painter till this day.

Jo works purely from the subconscious; ‘pre-conceiving’ it in the form of making sketches or thinking about what she's going to paint before creating the actual work itself doesn’t work for her. Instead she will just start randomly flinging paint onto the surface, layer over layer, until some form emerges. Only when it feels like a 'suitable' image can she start working on the form, the colours and background.

Philip Morgan (Cardiff)

Phillip Morgan is an illustrator from Cardiff, South Wales.

Phil's illustration work has been featured in magazines, on websites and has been used for t-shirt designs. Phil has also created adverts and designed skateboard graphics for Crayon Skateboards over the last few years as well as having his work published in The Washington Post. 

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